First 2 EuroMillions Jackpots of 2017 Go to Ireland and Spain

EuroMillions starts the year 2017 with new forces and appealing jackpots. The first two went to Ireland and Spain, creating new millionaires overnight. How will the year roll out for EuroMillions and its fans? We’ll have to wait play and see!

2016 was an exciting one for EuroMillions lottery. The rules of the game changed in September. During the year, EuroMillions made a total of 24 brand new jackpot winners throughout Europe. An average of 2 jackpot winners per month is not bad, indeed! But, things do not end here for Europe’s favorite lottery game: there has only been one month of 2017 and we have already seen 2 very nice jackpots – one of €88.5 million going to Ireland, and a more recent one of €25.8 million going to Spain.


The Luck of the Irish

The proverbial luck of the Irish together with the numbers 1, 5, 7, 17, 23 and Lucky Stars 3 and 8 brought a EuroMillions fan from Ireland a breath-taking jackpot of €88.5 million on January 24th. According to the Irish National Lottery, the winners have by now made arrangements to collect the prize. Their identity has not been confirmed, but rumors speak about a syndicate of workers from the Johnson and Johnson plant in Little Island, Cork.

This is the 10th EuroMillions jackpot to go to Ireland in the history of Europe’s top lottery game. The €88.5 million jackpot holds the 3rd place among the EuroMillions jackpots scooped by Irish players, with the biggest Irish winner being Limerick woman Dolores McNamara who won a staggering €115 million back in 2005. On the 2nd place stands the €94 million win scooped in Dublin in 2013.


Another EuroMillions Jackpot Goes to Spain

Spain is the second luckiest country when it comes to EuroMillions jackpots, holding a total of 81 in its portfolio, and being surpassed only by France with an withstanding 83 jackpots under its belt. The latest jackpot to go to Spain was won in the last EuroMillions draw of January by a lucky ticket holder who matched all five main numbers 3, 4, 17, 23 and 44 and both Lucky Stars 6 and 9. This brought him a life changing amount of €25.8 million. The same draw made some more people happy as, besides the jackpot winner, there were also three players – one each from Spain, France and the UK – who scooped the 2nd prize as they matched the 5 main numbers plus one Lucky Star, pocketing a nice amount of €270,663 each.