My Million Raffle

Just like EuroMillions tickets bought in the U.K. are assigned a Millionaire Maker raffle code and stand the chance of winning the £1 million prize, EuroMillions tickets bought in France are automatically entered the My Million raffle, which distributes a €1 million prize twice a week.

FAQs about My Million Raffle

My Million raffle codes are automatically assigned to each EuroMillions ticket bought in France the moment it is registered within the French official lottery operator’s system. The My Million raffle codes are made up of 9 digits – 2 letters and 7 numerical figures, going from AA 000 0000 to ZZ 999 9999.

The My Million codes for tickets of up to 10 lines are randomly generated from the range of available codes for the respective draw from AA 000 0000 to VV 358 2800.  The My Million codes for tickets of more than 10 lines are randomly generated from the range of available codes for the respective draw from VV 358 2801 to  ZZ 999 9999.

My Million raffle draws take place soon after the EuroMillions ones. The codes are chosen randomly by the French official operator’s system. All draws are supervised and approved by a judicial officer.

No, just as the codes are generated automatically, the choice of the winning one is absolutely random. Therefore, the code itself does NOT influence winning odds.

Yes, you do! You can enter the world’s biggest lottery draws online and win amazing prizes, using‘s services.  On theLotter you can play EuroMillions online, but you can also enter various EuroMillions raffle draws by playing the local versions of the European lottery such as EuroMillions UK & My Million or EuroMillions UK & Millionaire Maker.

For sure. La Française des Jeux – the operator of France’s national lottery games makes Multi-Draw tickets available offline and online.

However, you should know that when you purchase an EuroMillions UK Multi-Draw package online on theLotter or subscribe to the same lottery via the website, each and every one of your tickets will have a unique raffle code valid only for the respective draw.

My Million Raffle's History

The My Million raffle was launched by the French official lottery operator – La Francaise des Jeux in 2014, replacing the  Joker+, which is no longer played in conjunction with the main EuroMillions draw, but as a stand-alone lotto game.  While Joker + was offering EuroMillions players from France the opportunity to enter a supplementary game for the chance to win a top prize of €250,000, the My Million raffle distributes a €1 million prize on every single draw. The participation to My Million raffle is automatic and free of charge.

The first My Million draw took place on February 4, 2014. Since then, the FDJ made many My Million winners, sometimes even more than one per draw. On special occasions,  La Francaise des Jeux organizes special draws of the raffle, offering several €1 million prizes in one draw.