UK Millionaire Maker

The Millionaire Maker raffle is a special EuroMillions lottery raffle, available on tickets purchased in the UK. As the name implies, this special raffle promises to make one of the draw participants the winner of £1 Million prize!

FAQs about Millionaire Maker Raffle

Millionaire Maker codes follow a standard format: they are made up of three letters and six numbers. In order to avoid confusion, vowels are avoided, and only consonants are used for the Millionaire Maker raffle code.

These codes are randomly generated and associated with each line participating to the EuroMillions lottery draw for the tickets purchased in the UK. The numbers are allocated by the official lottery’s system sequentially, in the order the tickets are bought. For instance, if someone has just bought ticket with raffle code CDD000010, the next code generated by the system for the following ticket sold in the whole UK will be CDD000011. The 3 letters also follow a sequence between draws. For instance, if Millionaire Maker raffle codes on tickets for one draw started with C, the ones for the following draw will most likely start with D.

All Millionaire Maker codes that have been generated for the respective draw (including those featuring multi-draw tickets valid for the current draw) are gathered into an Automated Draw Machine, which makes a random selection of the code that will designate the winner of the Millionaire Maker Raffle.

The Automated Draw Machine used in the UK for this purposes has undergone rigorous testing by the EuroMillions officials as well as independent testing performed by the the experts of Hertfordshire University’s Statistical Analysis Department. The machine is also certified by the Gaming Laboratories International for the randomness of the numbers it generates.


No, just as Millionaire Maker codes are generated automatically, the choice of the winning ticket is totally random. Therefore, the code itself does NOT influence winning odds.

Unlike the average lottery draw, in which winning odds are calculated based on the range of numbers, the odds of winning a raffle are calculated based on the amount of codes generated for the respective draw. The amount of codes generated, in turn, depends on ticket sales, which are usually higher when the EuroMillions jackpot increased in value after several rollovers or in the case of a Superdraw jackpot.

When calculating the odds for winning the Millionaire Maker raffle prize, you have to take into consideration that codes on multi-draw tickets previously purchased also enter the current draw.

Usually, the odds of winning the Millionaire Maker £1 million prize are better for Tuesday draws than for draws taking place on Friday, but that’s just because tickets sales tend to be higher for EuroMillions draws that happen on Friday. Must be the weekend that lies ahead 😉

Yes. The UK National Lottery sells Multi-Draw tickets valid for 4 draws. When buying these tickets, you enter 4 Millionaire Maker raffles with the same code.

However, when you purchase an EuroMillions UK Multi-Draw package online or subscribe to the same lottery, each and every one of your tickets will have a unique raffle code valid only for the respective draw.

Certainly! You can try your luck at the world’s biggest lottery draws online, using‘s services.  theLotter offers you the chance to play EuroMillions online, with tickets purchased in different European countries. This means that you can go for different local versions of the European lottery playing EuroMillions UK & Millionaire MakerEuroMillions France & My Million, Austria EuroMillions or Spain EuroMillions & El Millon Raffle.

If your ticket matches the Millionaire Maker raffle code for the draw, you have 180 days from date of the draw to claim your prize, in accordance with the EuroMillions lottery ‘s rules. This means presenting the winning ticket to the lottery officials.  In case you do not claim your raffle prize in due time, it will be allocated to the UK Good Causes fund.

History of the Millionaire Maker

The first UK raffle draw associated with EuroMillions lottery was held on November 13, 2009, under the name Millionaire Raffle. This raffle operated for 5 years, delivering one or several £1 million prizes to EuroMillions draw participants, based on the raffle code automatically printed on EuroMillions tickets purchased in the UK.

The UK National Lottery announced a name change of the raffle in March 2014, and later the same year, Millionaire Raffle became Millionaire Maker. The change of name marked the introduction on non-cash prizes that can accompany the £1 million Millionaire Maker monetary prize. The first Millionaire Maker draw was held on Friday, October 31, 2014.

At the same time, the Mega Friday draw was introduce, the first one being held on the first date of the Millionaire Maker – October 31, 2014. This celebratory Mega Friday launch draw turned 25 players into winners. Besides the default £1 million prize, they won a VIP trip to Makepeace Island in Australia.

Since then, there was a Mega Friday draw each last week of the month. This special raffle draw makes several winners, who cash £1 million prizes along with various luxury non-cash prizes, which usually consist of dream holidays.

Starting September 27, the Mega Friday becomes Mega Week, meaning the special raffle draws are held both on Tuesdays and Fridays during the last week of the month. If the last EuroMillions draw of a month is not a Friday draw, but a Tuesday one, then the Mega Week will be held in advance, allowing both draws to occur within the same week.