A Handy Guide to EuroMillions SuperDraws

Do you enjoy playing the lottery for the chance at winning loads of money? Then you might want to consider participating in Superdraws organized a few times a year by Europe’s top lottery. These special draws are funded by the Euromillions Booster fund and don’t occur too often. Although they can be announced at any time, they are usually held to mark special events, celebrations, or anniversaries, with a frequency of two-three such draws per year. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to win big!

When is the next EuroMillions Superdraw?

Next EuroMillions draw will take place on June, Friday 30th and it will guarantee a minimum jackpot of €100 million! Last EuroMillions Superdraw was in 2016 and that exciting draw took place on Friday 30th September 2016. There were no winning tickets and the jackpot rolled over three times. In the draw held on Tuesday 11th September 2016 there was one winner – a lucky player from Belgium took home the entire jackpot – an incredible €168 million! We are still waiting for a notification of when the next EuroMillions Superdraw will take place – we can hardly wait!

What’s a EuroMillions Superdraw exactly?

EuroMillions Superdraws are special draws that features a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million! Wow, that’s a lot of money! Here’s an example of a Superdraw scenario: If the current jackpot stands at €31 million it can be topped up with a supplementary fund of €69 million, making the total Superdraw jackpot rise to €100 million.

FAQs about EuroMillions Superdraw

These special events operate under the same rules and regulations, the only difference is the guaranteed jackpot amount. Read more details about how to play EuroMillions online here.

If no one happens to match any of the five numbers and two Lucky stars, then the jackpot will continue to grow and rollover until it reaches its jackpot capacity of €190 million, which is the most money you can win playing the lottery!  Once a first prize winner is produced they get to take home the big prize! If nobody hits the jackpot until it reaches the amount of €190 million and the cap is hit, the jackpot stays the same for another 4 consecutive draws, giving EuroMillions fans more time and chances to scoop this fantastic prize. If after the 4 draws, it is still on, then it will distributed among the winners of the next prize tier.

Euromillions Superdraws have been responsible for some of the biggest winners in the history of the lottery. Don’t miss out on your chance to becoming one of these lucky individuals!

The common trend seems to be that EuroMillions organizes special draws about three times a year, but there is no official rule regarding the frequency of the SuperDraws. The first such European lottery event of the year usually takes place in February-March. June is generally the month when the second EuroMillions SuperDraw of the year is held, and there is often a third one in the fall, usually in October.

There is no actual rule or regulation regarding the moment when EuroMillions SuperDraws are announced. Usually the news is released a few weeks before the €100 million worth draw is scheduled to take place.

Both of them represent special lottery events, usually featuring a guaranteed jackpot of €100,000,000. The main difference between EuroMillions SuperDraws and Event Draws lies in the fact that in case it is not won, a SuperDraw’s jackpot will roll over to the next scheduled draw, just like a regular jackpot (only bigger), while the top prize of an Event Draw will be be split by second prize winners who have matched all the 5 winning numbers of the draw, but only 1 Lucky Star.

History of EuroMillions Superdraws

Date of the Superdraw Final jackpot  Rollovers No. of Winners Winner’s Home Country
September 30, 2016 €168 million  3  1 Belgium
November 6, 2015 €163 million 4 1 Portugal
June 5, 2015 €129 million 2 1 UK
March 6, 2015 €100 million 0 1 Portugal
October 3, 2014 €190 million 6 1 Portugal
June 6, 2014 €137 million 2 1 Spain
March 7, 2014 €129 million 2 1 UK
November 15, 2013 €100 million 0 1 Spain
June 7, 2013 €187 million 5 2 Belgium & Ireland
March 22, 2013 €132 million 2 1 France
September 28, 2012 €100 million 0 1 Spain
October 4, 2011 €117 million 1 1 UK
May 10, 2011 €121 million 1 1 Spain
October 1, 2010 €129 million 1 1 UK
February 5, 2010 €129 million 1 2 Spain & UK
September 18, 2009 €100 million 1 1 France
March 6, 2009 €100 million 1 2 Austria & France
February 9, 2007 €100 million 1 1 Belgium