European Millionaire Maker

European Millionaire Maker is a special EuroMillions lottery raffle, played by all participating countries. It takes place on special occasions per year and guarantees a total of 25 winners of €1 million (£1 million in the UK) each!

FAQs about the European Millionaire Maker Raffle

Players who purchase their EuroMillions ticket within the same week the raffle is held (for any of the draws both Tuesday or Friday) get an alphanumeric code printed below their numbers. A code is generated for every EuroMillions line played. Just after the regular EuroMillions draw, 25 codes are picked at random. Players win when matching the exact code. There is no extra cost for participating! The codes are generated automatically when purchasing the EuroMillions tickets and they are unique. They are comprised of 4 letters and 5 numbers (e.g. ABCD12345).

There isn´t a date set for this raffle. It is held a couple of times per year on special occasions. The dates are announced in advance, with enough time to buy the tickets and to get ready for a big win. All the info will be updated on this page, then stay close!

For sure! To participate, you only need to buy your EuroMillions ticket within the week the raffle is held. It doesn’t matter if it´s for Tuesday, Friday, or both draws. You will get your code printed on your ticket, wherever you live! If you choose to play EuroMillions online, you can participate in the raffle trough UK EuroMillions, EuroMillions Spain or EuroMillions France. If you are lucky enough to win, you receive an instant notification! And, of course, your prize!

UK Millionaire Maker is held every Friday and guarantees 2 winners of £1 million per draw (both Tuesday and Friday). However, European Millionaire Maker takes place a couple of times per year and guarantees 25 winners of €1 million through all participating EuroMillions countries, (£1 million for UK winners). When both European Millionaire Maker and UK Millionaire Maker take place, UK players enter in both raffles with the same code. Two raffles in one! This also happens with the other European raffles, such as Spanish “El Millón” or “My Million” from France.

More information about the European Millionaire Maker raffle

European Millionaire Maker was introduced on September 27th, together with other new EuroMillions features. Actually, there were some interesting changes, like the introduction of the 12th star and the increase of the minimum jackpot, from €15 million to €17 million. Additionally, new raffles were created! Since then, players from all over the world have become millionaires. Everything was set to offer more spectacular promotions, ensuring multiple guaranteed millionaire prizes for EuroMillions players. The odds of winning the European Millionaire Maker raffle are different in every draw, as they depend on the number of tickets that are sold and the number of codes that are generated. Depending on the country the tickets are purchased in, the code starts by a different letter, as shown below.
Country Code starts by
Austria A, N, O, or W
Belgium B
France F
Ireland I
Luxembourg L
Portugal P
Spain E
Switzerland R or S
United Kingdom H, J, M, T, V, X or Z