EuroMillions Raffles

What are EuroMillions raffles? How can I play? Are tickets available online? These are some of the questions to which you will find answers below.

A pan-European lottery whose first draw was held in 2004, EuroMillions is organized in collaboration by the official lottery operators from 9 European countries – the UK, Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain. Its tickets are sold offline in these countries and online on Some of the participating countries have decided along the years to add a supplementary raffle game to the so popular EuroMillions draws. In certain countries, such as the UK and France, a raffle code is automatically assigned to any EuroMillions ticket at the moment of the purchase. Other lotteries allow players the possibility to decide whether to enter the additional raffle draw for a chance to win an extra prize.

UK EuroMillions and Millionaire Maker Raffle

Millionaire Maker is one of the most popular EuroMillions raffles. It is a UK draw held in association with the EuroMillions lottery, awarding a £1 Million prize every Tuesday and Friday. In order to stand a chance to win this awesome Millionaire Maker prize, you have to buy a Euromillions UK lottery ticket. A raffle code will automatically be assigned to your ticket in the moment of the actual purchase from the official UK lottery operator. The Millionaire Maker draws are held soon after the EuroMillions ones and a winning code is chosen randomly among the participating ones. On the last Friday of each month, there is a special draw called Mega Week that makes at least 5 £1 Million winners (sometimes even 10) and also offers a non-cash prize, usually consisting of a luxury holiday. Read all about Millionaire Maker raffle and what you need to know before you buy your ticket here.

France EuroMillions and My Million Raffle

My Million is a very popular EuroMillions raffle available for tickets to the European lottery purchased in France, offering the ticket owner the chance to win a €1 million prize every Tuesday and Friday if the My Million code automatically assigned to their ticket matches the winning one. The My Million raffle codes consist of 9 digits – 2 letters and 7 numerical figures, ranging from AA 000 0000 to ZZ 999 9999. Read all about Millionaire Maker raffle and what you need to know before you buy your ticket here.

Switzerland Super Star

A EuroMillions raffle available to EuroMillions ticket holders from Switzerland, Super Star is based on a  five digit code drawn soon after the EuroMillions draw takes place. Super Star is available in association with EuroMillions tickets, but also as a stand-alone game. All players have the same chance to win a CHF250,000 prize if their ticket features the winning Super Star code for the draw. The code consists of a letter at either end and three numbers in the middle. The first Super Star draw was held in Switzerland on November 26, 2010.

Winning combination for Super Star prizes  Super Star prize amount 
All five digits in the right order CHF250,000
The first two and the last two digits CHF5,000
The first three digits and the last digit CHF2,000
The first digit and the last three digits CHF2,000
The first four or the last four digits CHF1,000
The first two digits and the last digit CHF275
The first digit and the last two digits CHF275
The first three or last three digits CHF50
The first and last digits CHF20
The first two or the last two digits CHF10
The first or last digit CHF4

Ireland EuroMillions Plus

Those who buy their EuroMillions tickets in Ireland have the chance of entering a supplementary game – EuroMillions Plus. Similar to EuroMillions, but without the Lucky Stars, the Plus consists of a 5 numbers draw, based on whose results prizes are awarded. The winners are those ticket holders whose original EuroMillions numbers match 3 or more of the 5 EuroMillions Plus numbers for the respective draw. There are three prize tiers with a guaranteed top prize of €500,000, awarded to those who match all 5 EuroMillions Plus numbers. The prize for the Match 4 category is €2,000, and there is also a Match 3 numbers worth €20.

Luxembourg Joker

A EuroMillions raffle available for tickets bought in Luxembourg, Joker is a supplementary game providing ticket owners with the chance of scooping prizes worth up to €500,000 each Tuesday and Friday. The Joker codes are made up of six numerical characters. In order to hit the jackpot, players have to match all 6 digits of the winning code. The chances of winning the €500,000 top prize are of 1 in 1 million. Those who match only 5 digits of the winning raffle code, take home €10,000.

Austria Joker

Austria Joker is a supplementary raffle game available alongside EuroMillions draws, but also to those who play other games from the Austria National Lottery’s portfolio, such as Austria Lotto, Toto, Zahlenlotto and Bingo. The winning codes for Austria Joker are drawn every Wednesday and Sunday, and they bring a six-figure top prize to the lucky ticket holder matching the entire 6 digit code.