El Millón

El Millón is the specific EuroMillions lottery raffle featured in Spain. It takes place every Friday and guarantees one winner of the €1 million prize for each draw! All you need to do is to get your Spanish EuroMillions ticket for any of the draws held on either Tuesday or Friday.

FAQs about El Millón raffle

Players from all over the world can purchase a Spanish EuroMillions ticket online. Then, an alphanumeric code is generated on the ticket, one per each played line. The codes are printed automatically and randomly, so players can´t choose them. All the codes generated within the entire week participate in the raffle. On Fridays, a winning code is selected randomly to be the winner of the €1 million prize. The codes are usually comprised of 3 letters and 5 numbers (eg. ABC12345) and they are generated with no extra cost.

El Millón raffle is held every Friday starting from 20:30 GMT. The winning code is announced by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado right after the 5 winning numbers and 2 lucky stars. Tickets purchased for any of the draws, both Tuesday or Friday, enter directly in the raffle without any extra cost.

Surely! Spain EuroMillions tickets are available online, for players from all over the world. As the tickets are bought in Spain, the codes are printed immediately. This means that you actually get a real Spanish ticket, so you can win EuroMillions and El Millón prizes! Online players have the advantage of receiving an instant notification in case they match the code.

The El Millón raffle is a great opportunity to win an extra prize every Friday. Even if you had already played UK Millionaire Maker, you can increase your chances of scooping a big win if you also play El Millón. The more codes you get, the more chances you have!

More information about El Millón raffle

El Millón (in English The Million) was one of the exciting new EuroMillions features introduced on September 27th. The minimum jackpot was increased from €15 million to €17 million, the 12th star was introduced, and the EuroMillions raffles were created. The odds of winning El Millón Raffle depend on the number of codes that are generated, so they change every week.

In Spain, the first El Millón was won by a player from Cádiz. Since then, several €1 million prizes have been spread over Spain every Friday. However, on Friday, February 24th, El Millón increased the number of winners from 1 to 5 and it was called as “El Millón Plus”. Hopefully this could be repeated in the future! It seems that online players are also lucky in El Millón Raffle, as there are several winners of the €1 million prize who purchased their EuroMillions tickets online. Could you be the next one? Purchase your EuroMillions ticket online and find out! Good luck!