Everything You Need to Know About Adrian and Gillian Bayford

Back in August 2012, when Adrian and Gillian Bayford won £148 million in the EuroMillions, their lives were transformed from two working class parents to the 516th richest people in the entire UK.

How did they celebrate the win?

In a rather down-to-earth manner, going for a holiday at a caravan park in Gillian’s native Scotland.

How did they spend their money?

After this they wound up moving into a home more in line with their wealth, having purchased a $6 million, 200 acre Georgian mansion. Other lavish buys included several luxury cars as well as a few helicopter rides around the country to meet with friends and family.

Gillian was previously working as an assistant nurse while Adrian owned his own independent record store, but both dropped their respective jobs to enjoy their newfound wealth and happiness.

Are they still married?

Unfortunately their marriage would only last for another 15 months, proving that winning big in the lottery doesn’t necessarily mean years of endless happiness. Adrian proceeded to move out of their mansion and moved into a much simpler home – a £500,000 property that was only a short journey from their mansion.

Now both Adrian and Gillian have begun to move on with their lives, with Gillian finding love in her home country of Scotland which led to her moving there with their two children. This, in turn, allowed Adrian to move back into their mansion, where he now resides with his new fiancé, a 28-year-old former stable girl.

Adrian was said to be sad about his children moving so far away, so opted for making a few investments to keep busy, which included becoming the director of football at Turnmill United, a lower league team based in the East Herts Corinthian Sunday League.  Other ventures included going to see England play in the World Cup, catching the Tour de France in London, as well as a golfing trip to Ibiza.

He would then meet Samantha Burbridge during a night out at a pub, and love was soon in the air. After spending just six weeks together living the high-life, the coupled jetted off to the Maldives for a luxury getaway. It was here where Adrian proposed, showing a quick turnaround after his recent divorce.

Gillian meanwhile, has found love with Alan Warnock, who was a car salesman that she met before her divorce after purchasing a whopping five cars from his dealership. Now they reside in a country estate close to the Dundee in Scotland alongside her and Adrian’s children, Cameron and Aimee, both of whom are preteens.

What about their kids?

Despite their mum and dad being millionaires, their children are still only receiving a £3 a week for pocket money – and they even have to clean their rooms to get it!

‘They get £3 each week as long as they keep their rooms clean and tidy and make their beds every morning,’ she said. Gillian has gone on to say that she doesn’t want her children to be raised as spoiled and entitled simply because she can afford to buy them anything they might want.

What do we learn from their story?

This is a sad story on how a loving marriage could end as a result of coming into a sudden windfall. Adrian’s statement regarding his divorce with Gillian is rather telling: ‘Gillian and I have split. When you win the lottery it’s so stressful. Things happen. Sometimes in life you have to move on. We’re all happy now and life goes on.’

Although this certainly isn’t the first story of this nature and probably won’t be the last, it does not mean it happens to everyone who wins the lottery. While money cannot buy happiness, they certainly make life easier and some dreams come true.